micro-matrix-overview-webNew micro-Matrix Application Posters Available

Three new applications posters have been recently released by Applikon Biotechnology. Click below to download technical information on:

Visit the micro-Matrix page for more information.


RAM 1-webRead the Paper: Comparing Culture Characteristics Between Acoustic Resonance Mixing and Orbital Shaking 

Production of recombinant proteins usually happens in suspension cultures, with oxygen limitation playing a major role. We compared growth characteristics of microbial cultures in a standard shaken incubator with those of cultures in a RAMbio fermentation system, paying particular attention to oxygen transfer. The oxygen transfer rates of conventional orbital shakers are insufficient for optimizing microbial fermentations. By improving oxygen transfer as much as sixfold and cell densities as much as threefold, RAMbio systems enable dense cultures in less time than orbital shakers.


Visit Us: 2016 Conference and Exhibition Schedule

We will be attending several conferences and exhibitions during 2016, and we would like to say hello! Please visit our booth at any opportunity to connect, learn more about solutions for your bioprocess, and see what new developments are on the horizon!

  • BPI West, March 14-17, Oakland, California
  • Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, April 25-18, Baltimore, Maryland
  • ISSCR Annual Meeting, June 22-25, San Francisco, California
  • SIM Annual Meeting, July 24-28, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • BPI Annual Meeting, October 4-7, Boston, Massachusetts
  • CCRM Workshop, October 24-26, Whistler, British Columbia


Bioprocessing for Discovery, Development, and Production

Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in advanced bioreactor systems used in discovery research, process development, and production scales. We are the only company that is with you every step of the way from initial screening up to full-scale bioprocessing - all using the same platform.

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