Workshop on Advances in Upstream Technologies

Join our workshop and learn from our experts about several technologies for optimizing bench scale shaking cultures and small scale bioreactor processes. The workshop will include several case studies as well as hands-on demonstration featuring advanced analytics for characterizing small scale cultures.

SPONSOR Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Applikon Biotechnology

The Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center (BETC) at WPI

DATE  Thursday April 6th, 2017 
TIME  10:00 AM - 3:30 PM, with complimentary lunch 
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Confirmed Speakers


Dr. Howard Kim, Development Manager, CCRM

The industrialization of cell and gene based therapies, particularly for allogeneic applications, will require more efficient and higher scale production systems to meet future clinical and commercial demand. However, high costs and limited resources create a need for smart approaches to process development and optimization in smaller scale systems. This presentation will highlight the use of sub-liter scale stirred tank bioreactors, paired with enabling scale-down technologies such as acoustic filtration, to develop protocols for upstream manufacture of a cellular immunotherapeutic cell line and lentiviral vectors.


Dr. Jean-Fran├žois Hamel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jean-Fran├žois Hamel is an academic researcher and instructor at MIT, Northeastern University, and WPI, and loves to share his passion for biological and bioprocessing engineering with students and professionals, of all ages. His current projects focus on biofuels from microalgae and yeast, vaccine antigen and monoclonal antibodies from mammalian cells, and proteins from microbes, which have been studied in traditional or single-use bioreactors.

He will report on innovative solutions for in-situ monitoring of dissolved oxygen, cell concentration and off-gas analysis during culture, and discuss their impact for scaling up and down a bioprocess, between the flask and the traditional (cylindrical) bioreactor.


 Ann D'Ambruoso, Product Manager, Applikon Biotechnology Inc.

Optical fluorescent sensors for oxygen and pH have found their way into a variety of small scale formats, such as shake plates, shake flasks, and needle sensors. The online data offered by these platforms provide valuable insight into transient behavior of small volume cultures. Additionally, these sensors allow for control of dissolved oxygen and pH in a microbioreactor platform. Several application examples will be presented.


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